NeuraLaserColor Well Log Printer is NOW SHIPPING!

Posted on 8th Apr 2009 @ 11:20 AM

Neuralog is proud to announce that its highly anticipated NeuraLaserColor Well Log Printer is NOW SHIPPING!


A joint project between Neuralog, Inc. and Lexmark, the NeuraLaser Color printer signals a new era in Print Quality, Speed, Reliability, and Ease of Use for the Oil and Gas Industry.  Standard Windows™ print drivers get your printer up on the network and working with your applications quickly and easily.

NeuraLaserColor is the only True Color Laser Well Log Printer available with unique patented and patent-pending technologies.  The NeuraLaserColor has all of the features you’ve been waiting for in a well log printer  Great care has been taken to produce not only the fastest, but the most reliable, jam-free printing experience possible.  Colors are bright and permanent with no streaking, running, or fading like inkjets and thermals.  The prints also allow additional markups with pencils, pens, or markers.  No other printer produces a better color well log print.


Great color prints won’t help you much if your printer is unreliable, jammed, or otherwise unavailable, so we’ve designed and tested the NeuraLaserColor to provide no less than 20,000 trouble-free log prints before major maintenance is required. And to add to your  peace of mind, we’ve included an entire year of onsite service at no additional charge (*certain restrictions apply, so ask your local representative for details). Finally, you’ll be able to take printing well logs for granted.  It just works.


Visit our website at to get more details, or better yet, call your sales representative 1-281-240-2525 X127 to get a demo or reserve your NeuraLaserColor.  We’re happy to answer all of your questions and show you how the NeuraLaserColor will fulfill your well log printing needs.

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