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E&P Data Management

NeuraDB is a powerful E&P Well Data Management Solution built on the industry standard PPDM data model. By serving as a Corporate Well Master, Well Log Repository and Well File Management system, NeuraDB provides a single authoritative solution for managing your data.

NeuraDB addresses the challenge of effectively managing and delivering trustworthy data by providing a master database capable of managing well header data (e.g. formation tops, deviation surveys, etc.), raster and digital logs, and structured and unstructured documents (e.g. maps, reports, etc.). Along with automated and improved workflows NeuraDB provides the ability to:

  • capture and catalog data from Public and Internal data sources
  • quickly search and find an authoritative source of well and log data
  • deliver accurate, trusted data to the application projects
NeuraDB was purchased by our industry partner petroWEB
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Corporate Well Master

With NeuraDB as the corporate well master, users can quickly and easily find well data with greater confidence that the data is the most current and/or highest quality well data available. NeuraDB provides the following capabilities:

    Well Master
  • Manage well headers, formation tops, deviation surveys, monthly production, and other important data types
  • Synchronize data from internal data sources (applications, proprietary & industry standard databases)
  • Integrate with Public data sources (e.g. IHS Enerdeq)
  • Create a single trusted version of header data with well versioning rule-based attribute promotion from multiple data sources
  • Implement Reference Value Management to maintain data quality.
  • Process Deviation Surveys in batch and calculate bottom hole locations.
  • Edit and Manage Coordinate Reference System including applying datum transformations.
  • Integrate directly with Neuralog tools for Interpretation and Volumetric and Reserve calculations.

Log Data Management

NeuraDB provides automatic loading of log files allowing organizations to quickly create a central repository of well logs and migrate away from the challenges of storing logs on shared drives or directly within application projects. NeuraDB provides the following log data management capabilities:

  • Load digital log files (LAS, LIS, DLIS) and raster logs automatically
  • Validate log data against existing data sets to avoid creating duplicates or non-existent wells
  • Extract and load metadata associated with logs
  • Access data through query, map or tree view interfaces
  • Export log and curve data to preferred format for use in G&G applications, including ability to reformat raster logs to/from DRA and LIC
  • Connect to vendors such as A2D, IHS, MJ to automatically pull data
  • Perform datum and other unit conversions upon export
  • Track physical inventory including barcode support
  • Provide enhanced log management functions including splicing, merging and editing log


Well File Managment

NeuraDB provides the ability to store and associate documents to well, fields and other entities within the corporate well master. This allows users to quickly find all associated data to a specific well or area of interest. NeuraDB provides the following capabilities for managing well files:

  • Manage structured and unstructured data (e.g. maps, core photos, reports, etc.)
  • Index documents automatically, interactively or in batches to create relationships with entities (e.g. wells, fields, etc.)
  • Associate physical inventory (paper or film) to proper wells through bar coding and indexing
  • Link to existing document management systems such as Livelink®, SharePoint® and Documentum®




If you would like more infomation about Well, Log and Document Management,
Please visit our Neuralog Desktop page.