Posted on 17th Feb 2020 @ 4:01 PM

NeuraLog 2020 is being released February 2020 and offers significant workflow improvements.  This major product release includes better curve tracing, as well as increased performance for Lithology capture.  Optical Character Recognition, the capture of well log text, is also available to capture and save well log header information.

A major User Interface update gives NeuraLog users the same "Smart Ribbon Technology" used in products such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.  Smart Ribbon Tabs include friendly graphical icons that change for the selected open document (LAS, TIFF, etc) to streamline workflows.  Integrated online help allows users to get answers fast.

Finally, a Tree-based Project Explorer similar to your Windows Explorer makes navigating and switching between projects and files fast and easy.

All current NeuraLog users with Active Maintenance Contracts are eligible for this major software update!  The update will be available on the Neuralog website no later than 2/20/2020.  An updated license may be required and will be automatically requested at software download.

The Neuralog development team is excited to bring this product to our loyal user-base.  New clients will also find the product easy to use with fast results.  For further information please email


If you need to digitize logs, NeuraLog is the industry standard and has been for over 20 years.  NeuraLog not only includes basic gridding and tracing, but offers a variety of other log preparation features, both common and obscure.  These include raster calibration, image straightening, dipmeter capture, mud log capture and lithology capture.  Complex logs can be digitized through the support of linear, logarithmic and multi-linear tracks, as well as a variety of back-up scales.  If you need to capture and prepare well logs, Neuralog is the only tool available with an extensive feature set that allows you to get your work done quickly and accurately.



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