Cyber Week Specials

Take Advantage of Our Cyber Week Specials

Save $2500 on NeuraScanner!

Only $2500 for Refurbished 300x Well Log Printers!


Save $2500 on NeuraScanner! The Global Standard for Well Log Scanning.
The NeuraScanner is durable, fast, and portable for safeguarding your archives of paper-based logs.

Refurbished 300X Well Log Printer only $2500.
Supplies are limited! The 300x is the Premier High-Speed Inkjet Well Log Printer, and includes NeuraViewPE software to view, edit, and print industry-standard log formats.

Offers extended through December 6, 2019.

COMING SOON: Ask us about the new and improved Automated Curve Tracing in NeuraLog Well Log Digitizing Software. An updated user interface for improved workflow management will also be included in this forthcoming new release.