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Practical and intuitive solutions to the oil and gas industry.

From log and map scanning, digitizing and printing, to organizing, analyzing and managing your data, to getting answers about hydrocarbon reserves, each step of your workflow is supported with Neuralog Professional Solutions. NeuraLog and NeuraMap automated digitizing systems are the industry standards for raster-to-vector conversion. NeuraMap now takes the next step and calculates Volumetrics and Reserves for your digitized map. NeuraSection's powerful interpretation transforms logs, maps and external data into custom cross sections and montages. NeuraScanner with NeuraView is a one-of-a-kind solution for capturing and storing valuable paper well logs. Logs can then be printed with the NeuraLaserColor II or NeuraJet17, purpose built well log printers.
In order to improve your geological evaluation capabilities, Neuralog recently introduced Neuralog Desktop, a GIS based interface for quick access and visualization of your data. Neuralog Desktop enables geoscientists to create, edit and organize their data and projects within a single application.

A Solid Foundation through Proven Use

Because being in control of your data and operations is critical to your success, Neuralog remains committed to providing superior products and consistent reliable training and support to our clients around the world. Our products are used by geoscientists and engineers worldwide in exploration, production, data management, information technology and service groups.