Integrated Geological Evaluation

NeuraSection is the only geological interpretation system available with the image quality to truly support raster and digital well log correlation, cross-section creation, and analysis. NeuraSection uses your existing log images and digital files and autoloads them to the database or format you need to become your integrated interpretation solution.

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NeuraSection on monitor screen

NeuraSection allows you to evaluate and display all available geological data. Users can visualize, analyze and create presentation logs, maps, cross sections, and montages, as well as delineate reserves, in a process that maximizes data resources and minimizes the time required to create and present the total play concept.

“NeuraSection is the Desktop Interpretation Tool that geologists have been waiting for… NeuraSection saves time and cuts costs, while creating superior, presentation quality products. …The guys at Neuralog have done a great job!”
F. Reid, Providence Oil Company

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Accurately convert scanned logs into workstation-ready digital data.


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Quickly view, process, and print well logs and maps from multiple file types.

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