Neuralog Products

E&P Workflow Software & Hardware Solutions

Neuralog offers low-cost solutions to capture, organize, and analyze Oil and Gas data. Take control of your projects and budget and see why Neuralog products have been the trusted choice for countless businesses for nearly 30 years.

Neuralog Software

Neuralog Pro is an all-in-one system that incorporates all Neuralog modules for one price. Easily organize your data efficiently and accurately and streamline your E&P workflow.

• Combines all five software modules
• Low-cost monthly subscription
• Great choice for independents or enterprises

Automated log digitizing
Log quality assurance
LAS log editing

Automated map digitizing
Volumetrics & reserves
Map data conversion

Advanced log correlations
Cross sections & montage
Multi layer mapping

Log viewer & editor
Crop, stitch & annotate
Convert color to B&W

Data visualization
Log & document management
Arc-map extension

Neuralog Printers

Print width up to 12 inches
90 feet per minute
High capacity cartridge

Automatic media handling
11 inches per second
Eco-friendly features

Print anywhere
High-quality grayscale
Industrial-built for rugged environments

Legacy Printers

Desktop footprint
7 inches per second
HD color printing technology

Variable width prints
Up to 14 inches per second
Desktop solution

Fastest color laser log printer
11 inches per second
Enhanced image quality

Log prints up to 17 inches wide
Automated printing
Top of form prints

Neuralog Scanners

Well log scanning and archiving
Scan at 10 inches per second
Includes NeuraViewSE

Scans up to 54” wide
Selectable resolution
Ideal for fast, high-volume scanning