Reservoir Volumetrics and Map Digitizing

NeuraMap started as a map digitizing solution for geoscientists. This automated map digitizing solution works on hand-drawn, scanned map images and digital maps. Map digitizing is a critical component of working with map data for analysis as well as preserving map data for future projects. All relevant map data can be digitized and captured such as contours, faults, lines, points, and symbols. Whether you are digitizing your map data for further analysis or digitizing to preserve your data for future use, NeuraMap makes map digitizing easy for today’s geoscientists.


NeuraMap is the software of choice for computing Reservoir Volumetrics and Reserves. Use hand-drawn maps or import map vectors and instantly make Volumetrics and Reserves calculations on your reservoir. Standard formulas can be customized and any needed parameters input. Getting at this critical information has never been this easy.

“NeuraMap is a milestone to the map digitizing industry. It is an application of technology which increases speed and accuracy while decreasing physical stress. Because of its many features, it has become a work-flow shoe-in.”
T. Gamwell, Phillips Petroleum

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Accurately convert scanned logs into workstation-ready digital data.


Evaluate and display all available geological data to efficiently present the total play.


Quickly view, process, and print well logs and maps from multiple file types.


Purpose-built for scanning well logs and continuous documents from anywhere.

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