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How long a print will NeuraLaserColor II print?


NeuraLaserColor II specification is continuous documents of 4 feet to 400 feet. However, the printer is capable of “unlimited” printing and our current longest test print is 750 feet long.   It is the file size, not the physical file length that is a limiting factor in working with and printing well logs.

Do I really need to use Neuralog certified well log paper with my NeuraLaserColor II? 


Neuralog certified paper should be used with your NeuraLaserColor II printer. NeuraLaserColor II printers are factory calibrated for use with Neuralog certified continuous paper. Paper from other vendors may have different marks, widths and thicknesses and may produce unsatisfactory results. Neuralog paper has special calibration marks that have been designed for use with NeuraLaserColor II to provide optimal print quality and cut straightness.  The paper that Neuralog sells works with both the Original NeuraLaserColor and NeuraLaserColor II printers.

How do I change a toner cartridge in the NeuraLaserColor II printer?


When the printer declares a low toner message, you will want to replace the toner cartridge. Replacement toner cartridges for your NeuraLaserColor II printer are available for purchase at Neuralog’s online store.

To change a toner cartridge open the front printer door.  Remove the empty cartridge by sliding it up and out of the printer using the green handle and set it aside.

Open the new NeuraLaserColor II toner cartridge.  Both the cardboard box and inner silver bag can be open by hand.  Take out the cartridge and remove all packaging.  Shake the cartridge briskly up, down and sidewise.  Slide the cartridge in the empty slot until in place.  Close the printer door.  The printer will run through a calibration procedure for the new cartridge to ready the printer for continued printing.

Place the empty cartridge in the packaging.  A pre-paid return postage label is included with each cartridge. All used NeuraLaserColor II cartridges should be recycled.

Paper is coming out of tray 1 instead of the Continuous Feeder.  What’s wrong?


If paper is pulled from tray 1 instead of the continuous form feeder, the printer is configured incorrectly.  Follow these steps to verify correct configuration.

  1.  Make sure the correct values for Paper Size, Type and Source are selected from the Paper/Finishing tab of the Printing Preferences Panel of the Printer Driver.
  2. Paper Size:  Letter (unless printing pdf documents of another size)
  3. Paper Type:  Use Printer Settings (or Plain).  Make sure the Printer itself is set to use a paper type of Plain paper.
  4. Paper Source/Tray: Continuous form feeder
  5. Check that Settings->Paper Menu->Configure MP + is set to the default value of Cassette. This is access from the printer’s web interface.  If the Configure MP+value is set to Manual or First, the MP Feeder disappears from the printer, and all prints will come from tray 1.
  6. If the prints are still coming from tray 1, from the printer’s operator panel select Menu->Settings->General Settings->Factory Defaults->Restore Now.  This will disable “tray linking” if it has become enabled.
  7. If your continuous prints still pull from tray one, contact Neuralog support.

What type of markers to I need to use to mark up my log prints?


No special markers are needed. Any pen, pencil, marker or crayon will effectively write on NeuraLaserColor II prints. The toner technology used by this printer contains a special pigment and gloss that produce prints that can be easily marked up.

What versions of Windows will NeuraLaserColor II work with?


NeuraLaserColor II driver can be installed on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows VISTA and Windows XP. 32-bit and 64-bit machines are supported. The speed of your log prints will be dependent upon your PC and printing application.

What is TTFP and how can I control it?


Time To First Print is the time from when the user sends the document to the printer from when the printer begins printing the document. Sleep (energy saver) Mode can slightly increase TTFP. File size can significantly increase TTFP. DPI, # colors and file format all contribute to file size. The speed of your PC can greatly affect TTFP. Make sure you have a PC capable of meeting your printing requirement.

How do I know what network address to give my printer?


The recommended solution is to obtain a static IP address from your network administrator. If you are not able to do this, you may set up the printer to obtain a dynamic IP address when it is plugged into the network. In this case the printer automatically obtains and assigns the network address.  Note that if you select to use a dynamic IP, you will want to configure the printer driver to reference the printer by its automatically provided name.  This will be selectable during printer driver installation.

I’ve just set up my printer with a static network address; why can’t I see the printer on my network?


If you change the printer’s IP while it is on the network, you will need to reboot the printer.  Cycle the power on your printer and it will be seen on the network.

Can I plug the printer directly into my PC?


Yes. It is possible to plug the printer directly into the PC using a special type of network cable called a crossover cable. Note that this is different from a “normal” network cable.  Alternatively, it is possible to obtain a router switch box. Both the PC(s) and printer(s) may be plugged into this box to set up a private network. Instructions for setting up a private network are found in the NeuraLaserColor II User Guide. Contact Neuralog Support for recommendations on obtaining a crossover cable or switch box.

Can I use USB to plug the printer directly into my PC?


Continuous printing is not currently supported over USB. However this has been found to work for shorter continuous prints. Cut sheet printing is supported over USB.

Can I print multiple copies of a log at one time?


Yes, the printer driver includes an option for sending multiple copies to the printer. By default a cut will be made between each copy, however you may configure the printer so that copies print with no cut between them.  In this latter configuration, each subsequent copy will be aligned with top of form.

What application should I use to print to the NeuraLaserColor II?

Each NeuraLaserColor II comes with a NeuraView Print Only application to allow you to immediately print to your printer. Any Windows application capable of handling well logs should work with NeuraLaserColor II. NeuraView, NeuraLog and NeuraSection all will print to NeuraLaserColor II (version 2009+ required). Neuralog also has a list of recommended log viewing/printing applications.

  • NeuraView: A Print Only NeuraView license ships with each printer for immediate printing.  Some restrictions apply so contact your sales representative for detailed information.
  • Adobe Reader/AdobeAcrobat: PDF format. NeuraLaserColor II supports direct printing of Well Logs in PDF format.
  • WellSight: Free viewer from WellSight Systems Inc.
  • MainLog: Windows Mudlogging application with a free office option and a leasing option available for field work. 
  • PDSView: Free software utility from Schlumberger. Note that NeuraLaserColor II must be set to the default printer to work with PDSView.
  • BlueView: Free software utility from Schlumberger.
  • PreView: Downloadable software utility from Weatherford.
  • EasyCopy: An application for capturing, converting and printing graphics.
  • Warrior: Well logging software by Scientific Data Systems.
  • LogView Pro: Licensed software from Halliburton
  • LogView: Application from RockWare, Inc. that displays geotechnical, environmental, geophysical, mud/gas, and mining data as a graphic boring log.
  • LogPro: Suttles Logging log viewer
  • LESA: Application from Digital Formation for shaley formation digital analysis.
  • Petra: A well log analysis application.  See  note below.
  • SDI: Support Computer Graphics Metafile across a wide variety of versions and profiles.
  • Atlas MetaFile View: Prints CGM and META formats. From Baker Atlas.

How do I boot the printer into diagnostic mode?


Diagnostic mode is useful for adjusting printer registration, that is, the width and length of the print.  To boot the printer into diagnostic mode first turn the printer off.  Then turn the printer on while holding down the bottom and right arrows on the operator panel.  Hold these buttons down for about 10 seconds or until the clock face appears on the printer operator panel.  After the printer boot up is complete, you will see Diagnostic mode appear.

Is there a shutdown procedure that should be used if I need to move my NeuraLaserColor II printer?


For the NeuraLaserColor II, a shutdown procedure is not needed.

My NeuraLaserColor II prints at first but then loses the network connection.  What could be wrong?


If the printer prints at first but you seem to continuously lose your network connection, it is likely that you have a network conflict.  Specifically you may have assigned an address to the printer that is now being used by another device.  Turn the printer OFF.  Using a DOS prompt ping the network address you were using.  If you get a reply, you have confirmed that the address is in use.  Obtain a different static IP address from your system administrator to use with your printer.

Other problems with network connections are usually from loose/faulty network cables or equipment.  On occasion (rarely) the port the printer uses to read data may become corrupted and you may need to reboot the host PC.

When I print to my NeuraLaserColor II, a single cut sheet page comes out with a PCL error.  What happened?


This symptom occurs if you use the wrong print driver.  Contact Neuralog support to make sure you are using the correct NeuraLaserColor II print driver.