17" Wide Color Well Log Printer/Plotter

NOTICE:  NeuraJet printer supplies will be discontinued effective March 15, 2022.  Please contact Neuralog for final supply purchase.  Neuralog now offers the Callisto Wide-Format Log Printer

NeuraJet17 is no longer offered.  Please see our latest Recommended Well Log Printers.

NeuraJet17 is a high quality wide format well log printer/plotter. This versatile inkjet well log printer/plotter is designed to print well logs up to 17 inches wide. With the combination of speed, quality and ease of use, the NeuraJet17 offers the best wide format log printing solution available for your organization. 

The NeuraJet17 is a fully integrated solution that requires no add-on software for automatically sensing top-of-form for accurate and precise printing. Backed by Neuralog’s unmatched support, the NeuraJet17 is the industry standard for wide format well log printing. Why look any further?

NeuraJet Well Log Printer


Engineered by Neuralog, the NeuraJet17 was designed and developed to print well logs. Unlike traditional inkjet printers, NeuraJet17 seamlessly handles your log prints without user interaction. Neuralog is committed to providing you with a reliable printing solution backed by a dedicated support staff.

NeuraJet17 is a total solution for well log printing.

“The NeuraJet17 is great for color logs, mudlogs and PDFs. Along with NeuraView software, it’s resolved a lot of problems we had in the past. It’s nice to have a color log printer that just works, for a change.”
David Lange, Technical Coordinator – Geology, Apache

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