Neuralog Training

Neuralog is committed to offering training on all Neuralog products. Our training experts are available to demonstrate their complete working knowledge of Neuralog products and can also introduce time-saving tips that come only from experience and familiarity. And because of our understanding of industry standard applications, we also demonstrate how to load your data in the exploration system of your choice.

Training Courses

Skills Covered

All Neuralog Products

Basics of Scanning & Digitizing

Importing, Digitizing, Working with Map Data

Creating Cross Sections & Maps Using Paper Logs & asci Data

Data Access, Visualization, and E&P Project Data Management

Course Content

The Overview course provides a quick look at each Neuralog product and how they fit into your daily workflow. From scanning and digitizing, to creating custom Geological Cross Sections and Maps, you will be introduced to the power of the Neuralog product suite.

The NeuraLog course takes you through each basic step of data capture and workstation output. Topics include Scanning Paper Logs, Wizard-Based Digitizing, Multi-Log Display, Digital Log Editing, and Well Header Integration. Also learn about batch scanning, QC workflow, dipmeter capture, and printing.

The NeuraMap course focuses on capturing E&P data, including wells, contours, faults, culture, and seismic, from raster (or CAD) maps. Also learn about, interpreted seismic, new Petrosys output, and creating World Raster Files to save even more time. Find out about the many industry output formats  NeuraMap supports.

The NeuraSection course takes you through rapid geological analysis. Build a structural and stratigraphic framework by making show logs, cross sections, and maps in an interactive environment; then create a montage presentation with these products and other imported graphics. Data from NeuraLog and NeuraMap, as well as other industry applications will be used. Digital and raster files will then be AutoLoaded to OpenWorks.

The Neuralog Desktop course guides you through data access and visualization of your company data. You will learn how to quickly create and customize Desktop to fit your company's needs and drive project results. Learn how to connect to external databases, create custom tables, query data from multiple data sources in a single application, associate documents and data to any map entity from well spots to leases, seismic lines and more. You’ll also see how Desktop integrates seamlessly with Esri maps and all other Neuralog products.


Lunch & Learn at your location

Neuralog office

(Lunch included)

Neuralog office

(Lunch included)

Neuralog office

(Lunch included)

Neuralog office

(Lunch included)


2 Hours

1 Full Day

1 Full Day

2 Full Days

1 Full Day

Need a Customized Course?

Custom courses tailored to your needs can also be created by our training team.

  • Incorporate our specific workflow
  • Use your data
  • Resolve issues early
  • Custom reference material provided
  • 1 to 5 day workshops
  • On-site or Neuralog facility
  • Follow-up support

Contact us at to discuss these options.

Your Success is Our Business

Neuralog’s goal is to make each client successful in their investment in new technology. At the end of the day we leave you with the following:

  • Technical expertise
  • Hands on experience
  • Data integrity and understanding
  • Project management skills
  • Dedicated support staff at your call

Cancellation Policy

All courses must be paid in advance. Cancellations made five business days before scheduled class date will be given a 50% refund; no refunds available after this time period. Courses may be rescheduled if requested. Please contact us at or (800) 364-8728 if you need further information.