Map & Well Log Viewing, Editing & Printing

NeuraView is the solution to display, edit, process, annotate and print large documents. NeuraView will read any standard TIFF, JPG, BMP, PDS, PDF, CGM, EMF, and LAS image (color, grayscale, or black & white) and will display that image in the view window. From this interface, you can scroll, zoom and rotate the image. Save and print any desired isolated portion of the image.

Large documents, such as maps and well logs, require special equipment for scanning and printing and special software to view and manipulate with fast scrolling and zooming.

The need for printing large documents arises as a result of working with and viewing these images. Few desktop publishing and CAD applications have the ability to print large documents. NeuraView was developed as a low-cost solution that can quickly view, scale, crop, and print the large images used in your analysis and digitizing work.

“I recently purchased NeuraView. I have tried a number of image handling software packages and have encountered limitations with all of them – as the page length increased,  the image degraded. I want to thank you for providing a real solution to my large log viewing and printing problem.”
Herschel J Cannon, Cannon Digital Services

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