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Access All Five Software Modules For One Low Monthly Price

Neuralog Pro is a new all-in-one integrated system which incorporates all Neuralog modules for one price. With Neuralog Pro you can easily organize your data efficiently and accurately to streamline your E&P workflow. Ideal for independents and enterprises that need easy access to their geological data.

Neuralog Pro is available in the US and Canada via a low-cost monthly subscription and includes access to the entire suite of Neuralog software solutions including: NeuraLog, NeuraSection, NeuraMap, Desktop, and NeuraView.


“I love the new NeuraLog! The auto tracing is more crisp and accurate. Overall it’s so much easier to use.”​
Texas-based Oil & Gas Independent​

Frequently Asked Questions

Neuralog Pro subscriptions are available for monthly or annual terms.

Customers are contacted in advance of subscription expiration via email and/or by a representative. Additionally, customers may reach out to their representative to discuss renewal and changes in their environments that may impact subscription usage.

We offer a monthly subscription that can be used for evaluation of one or all of the Neuralog modules.

Contact Neuralog at or 1-821-240-2525 x127

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