Neuralog for Interpretation

Evaluate and Display Geological Data

Log Visualization 
Visualization is a critical step to developing a comprehensive understanding of all of your geological data. NeuraSection enables you to display and interpret available geological data within its database, with the power to create and present a rounded E&P project.

Interpretation and Integration
Complete the final steps in your evaluation using NeuraSection’s workflow wizards, using whatever geological data you have available. Cross-sections can be made in minutes displaying almost any data the user chooses. A montage can then be created to present a more accurate interpretation as the capstone of your evaluation. NeuraSection will allow you to more quickly and accurately interpret and display all available geological data.

Neuralog Pro – Digitizing Modules Part of Complete Offering
NeuraSection is now offered as part of Neuralog Pro, a complete package that offers access to all software for a low-cost monthly subscription. The suite includes NeuraLog, NeuraSection, NeuraMap, Desktop, and NeuraView.i

Key Benefits of Interpretation

Collecting and loading suitable data is your primary obstacle to accurate evaluations. Interactive map editing allows you to fine-tune and take direct control of your interpretation. Neuralog provides:


Answers to your E&P questions in one module

Quick auto contour generation within the AOI

Use vendor formats alongside proprietary data


Visualize E&P data from multiple databases

Accurate map calibration to eliminate stretch

Easily handles multiple file formats and map types

Neuralog Pro

Access all software modules for one price

Simple setup and licensing

Affordably priced and ideal for project work

“NeuraSection is the Desktop Interpretation Tool that geologists have been waiting for.”
F. Reid, Providence Oil Company

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Quickly view, process, and print well logs and maps from multiple file types.


Import vectors for instant calculations on your reservoir.


Purpose-built for scanning well logs and continuous documents from anywhere.

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