Neuralog 300x

High Performance Personal Well Log Printer


Neuralog 300x Desktop Well Log Printer is the latest breakthrough in well log printing technology. With high speeds, outstanding print quality, and a small footprint, the 300x delivers well log prints right to your desktop. Now your personal desktop printer can print your important well logs along with your standard office documents.

The 300x utilizes a full page width printhead capable of printing at a speedy 14 inches per second while producing bold streak-free long lasting images. Easy to use with interactive display, simple media loading, and direct print ability from your preferred well log application or raster viewer.



Designed and built in partnership with HP, the Neuralog 300x is built on state-of-the-art HP PageWide Technology. With a page wide array of over 42,000 individual ink nozzles, this innovative technology prints in a single pass at the fastest speeds of any well log printer in existence, producing prints with uniformity of weight, speed and trajectory. Simply said, the Neuralog 300x well log printer is the fastest and highest quality ink-based option on the market.

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