Neuralog Callisto

Ultra-Fast Color Inkjet Well Log Printer/Plotter


The Neuralog Callisto is the latest inkjet well log printer from Neuralog. Engineered from the ground up, the Callisto is designed to deliver high-quality color well log prints up to 12 inches wide faster than ever at speeds up to 90 feet per minute. Durable aqueous pigment inks produce high-quality colorfast well logs. The large user-friendly 7” (17.8 cm) color LCD touch screen and built-in options make the Callisto simple to operate and maintain.

NeuraView software completes this all-in-one solution to provide everything you need to print well logs from standard industry formats as well as other standard-sized office documents.

Callisto Well Log Printer with Log Stacker

The Neuralog Callisto well log printer is fast. Printing at speeds of up to 18 inches per second, the Callisto inkjet printer produces well logs with brilliant color and fine detail.

With an aluminum frame and lightweight construction, the Callisto is easily portable from the field to the office for maximum flexibility. Designed with a user-friendly LCD touchscreen and high-capacity ink cartridges the Callisto improves printer uptime and office productivity.


Customers are saying...

"We have switched from the 300x printer to the Callisto printer for our well log printing, and we consider it to be quite an upgrade. The Callisto is reliable and easy to use. Also the larger ink cartridges and new stacker mean more time printing and less time loading ink and monitoring the print stack." - Houston, TX

More from our Customers...

"The Callisto printers are so much better than the well log printers we’ve been using. The Callisto can print 5 logs in the time it took our previous printer to print one, and the log stacking is amazing. Reprinting logs from the printer panel is easy and saves time. We really like the Callisto printer. It’s quite an upgrade." - Houston, TX

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