NeuraLaser Color II

High Speed Color Well Log Printer/Plotter

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NeuraLaserColor II is the fastest color laser log printer/plotter in the industry. Specifically designed for printing well logs, the NeuraLaserColor II uses enhanced imaging technology to print accurately at speeds of 11 inches per second.

Color Laser Log Printer

NeuraLaserColor II is a cost-effective high-speed, high quality laser printing solution. Featuring fast color laser print speeds combined with the latest enhanced imaging technology, superior quality log prints are efficiently produced for immediate presentation and preservation.

The NeuraLaserColor II supports a variety of industry standard well log formats and prints well reports and other standard-sized documents, making it a complete and flexible printing solution for your E&P team.

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Features of the NeuraLaserColor II printer/plotter include:

  • Fastest color laser log print speeds at 11 inches per second
  • Highest quality prints of any well log printer/plotter
  • Ease of use with automatic media handling
  • Exclusive on-the-fly length calibration
  • Integration with industry well log applications, including native Adobe PDF support
  • Energy Star rated printer/plotter
  • 40% less expensive to operate than NeuraLaserColor I

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