In our final installment of highlighting the key new features added to Neuralog’s NeuraSection software, we want to discuss the final three features: Deviations View, AOI Enhancements, and Touch Interface.


One of the newest features we added is for the user to have the option of deviations quick switch viewing. In this example, you can see that we added the ability to quickly switch between TVD mode and deviated mode. This is important so that while someone is working with logs in a vertical way they are also able to switch back and forth….to not be fooled about Stratigraphic thickness change when making surface picks.


In the Area Of Interest (AOI), we are highlighting some features that were once hidden. One of those features is our quick 3-D tool that allows our users to see their maps in 3-D.

A new section on the ribbon that was buried in a dialog was the ability to redraw contours with a selected Contour Interval on the fly.

One of the issues in some software packages is the limitation of data the user can contour. In NeuraSection you can quite literally map on anything you wish. You can map things like Water Saturation Data, VClay, Production in different intervals, Perforation flow rates, permeability data or any other data you may have in spreadsheets. NeuraSection requires either a UWI, Lat/long or X/Y a Value to map and the desired contour interval. As the data gets mapped, it belongs to the surface the user created it on.


The new Ribbon interface gives the user graphical representations of the work task they wish to perform. Examples include connecting and disconnecting the tops, removing and adding the color fills, changing between Stratigraphic and structural mode and zooming in and out with just the fingers.

We enable the user to use touch screen technology to pick tops, faults, unconformities, contours and other functions in NeuraSection. The project map now has improvements to be touch friendly. To activate the larger interface, go to the far left of the Home / Help tab and select touch mode.

If you have any questions about these newly added features or would like to talk more about NeuraSection in general, please feel free to reach out to us at

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