Welcome to Neuralog Desktop.  In this video, we’ll look at how the Desktop display is configured by default, and we’ll learn how to arrange Desktop panels to create our own Custom Desktop view.  Let’s get started.

Watch the Neuralog Desktop Tutorial

Desktop is made up of a set of panels that can be resized and rearranged.  In our current view, the leftmost panel holds the Project Explorer and the rightmost shows our project map.  Three panels in the center include the Well Grid, Logs-and-Documents Grid and Well Information Grid.

Arrange the Panels to Create a Custom Desktop View

Let’s move our project map.  Click on the project map title bar to select it and drag the map across the screen.  The entire panel collapses while it is being moved.  Move the panel to the leftmost position.  A docking guide diamond appears.  The leftmost guide arrow would place the map in the leftmost position with respect to all panels.  The left, top, right, bottom, and center guides would place the map at a position relative to the current Project Explorer panel.  Let’s drag our map onto the right guide to position it just to the right of the Project Explorer and enlarge the map by dragging its border.

Now let’s arrange our well panels.  Drag the Well Grid.  We could place it across the entire bottom of the display, or place it just below the map.  Let’s resize the Well Grid so that more of the map is shown.

Next let’s take our Well Information Grid and move it above Logs-and-Documents.  We can continue to arrange these panels by dropping them at any position on the screen, using the docking guide diamond and resizing the windows to get the maximum view.

Desktop Project Explorer

Finally let’s look at the Project Explorer features – Search, Project Area, Workspace, and Map Layers, shown in the left lower corner of the screen.  This collapsible menu can be minimized or maximized.  Selecting from this menu updates the Project Explorer display.

Save the Desktop View Configuration

Now that we have Neuralog Desktop set up in our preferred configuration, we can save and close our project.  Desktop will prompt us to save our layout.  We’ll select Yes.  Next time we open our Desktop project, our custom layout will be ready to go.

Neuralog Desktop is a great tool for organizing and viewing your well and other project data.  To find out more about Neuralog Desktop contact the Neuralog team.