As the oil industry has continued to improve over the past few months, we have noticed more interest in well log printers. Listed below are the key characteristics to look out for if you are thinking about a new well log printer:

  1. Paper Feed
    • Look for a printer that allows the user to easily load paper into the printer in the quickest time.
  1. Top of Form Print
    • An ideal log printer should be able to have “Top of Form” print technology. “Top of Form” technology allows the user to start the well log print on the very first page instead of later pages.
  1. Print Job Speeds
    • A faster log printer means that more log print jobs can be completed in a day.
  1. Quality Difference
    • When examining printer choices, pay close attention to the accuracy and quality of the printed work. Some printers will give you an accurate well portrait, while other printers will show streaks and smudges in the final results that could result in a lost opportunity.
  1. Easy Setup
    • The easier it is to set up your log printer, the faster you can get to work finding more lucrative opportunities.

Pay close attention to these characteristics and your purchasing decision will be quite easy. If you would like more information on buying a well log printer, drop us a note at

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