In response to the dramatic downturn in global oil prices in March 2020, Neuralog accelerated the launch of Neuralog Pro, an all-in-one integrated system incorporating all Neuralog software modules in a single subscription at an industry-low price. Read the details in our PRESS RELEASE.

With no minimum commitment, Neuralog Pro provides geologists at independent producers and larger enterprises in the US and Canada, a budget-friendly alternative for comprehensive access to, and interpretation of, well log data.

The affordable monthly subscription avoids longer-term commitments and allows both small and large energy companies to better plan and budget. With a lower upfront cost compared to a one-time purchase of a perpetual license, organizations can shift their costs from capital expenditure to OPEX, stretching their budget and remaining competitive.

Technology Innovations

The entire technology industry is in the midst of a major shift from perpetual licenses to a subscription model. This positive change offers more flexible and affordable payment options to our customers. Very similar to your cell phone plan, health club membership, or Netflix account, subscription pricing is a way of paying a lower price to use software for a period of time rather than paying a higher up-front cost to own it perpetually.

Subscriptions are Preferred

Flexibility to adjust capacity and smaller up-front investment are cited by a McKinsey & Company report on the benefits of subscription products. As your partner in the oil and gas industry, we understand the volatility inherent in our industry. Subscription pricing will help organizations deploy and use our products to best suit their individual needs and provide for easy scale-up – whether you’re a two-person independent or a major operator.

Top reasons subscriptions are preferred

Customer Value

Neuralog will continue our commitment to provide practical, intuitive and cost-minded solutions to the oil and gas industry with new innovations to improve each step of your well log data workflow. We are making improvements in a number of areas including expanding our office space, bringing on additional resources, and developing innovative software solutions to convert your data to knowledge.

Currently available to customers in the US and Canada, Neuralog Pro includes access to the entire family of Neuralog software modules in one all-inclusive price. These modules include:

For more information about the benefits of Neuralog Pro, sign up for an informational demo here, or contact us at 281.240.2525 or

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