Neuralog has recently begun taking orders on its brand new Neuralog NZC3 well log printer. The NZC3 is an enterprise-class commercial well log printer that is compatible with a number of well log formats. Some of the key features of the NZC3 well log printer include HD color printing technology for crystal clear and vibrant images, a continuous form attachment to automatically feed and cut paper, and a 1-step easy paper load. The NZC3 supports both standard and custom media for greater flexibility and cost savings.  It also produces the first page in as little as 8 seconds for 1 color. The NZC3 can also print the first page in 9 seconds for full-color logs.

Included in your purchase of the NZC3 is the NeuraView software. This software solution allows users to view, edit, and print well logs and maps. NeuraView will read any type of document, including standard TIFF, JPG, BMP, PDS, PDF, CGM, EMF, and LAS images. It will then show the image in the view window of the software.

The service warranty for the NZC3 well log printer includes support and first-year onsite warranty in over 70 countries to make sure you are covered. Support includes one-on-one technical advice from our customer service team as well as driver and firmware updates and NeuraView PE.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the Neuralog NZC3 Printer, please drop us a note at

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