Over the last year, NeuraSection has been redesigned to have fewer menus, added touchscreen technology, and more upfront features that were previously hidden to help you identify what you are working on and quickly get through your workflow. This change was made to adapt to the many ways that geoscientists learn and use not only words, but symbology, images, models, and diagrams. The NeuraSection interface has also been customized to allow users the power to create their own personalized workflows in our software. NeuraSection’s Project Explorer makes it easier to switch and visualize information across projects without leaving the project you are working in. All of these changes are designed to enable you to be more productive and more comfortable with the software.


Experienced NeuraSection users, on startup, will immediately see that the Graphic User Interface (GUI) looks different from the old version. New users or professionals looking for a new solution can immediately tell that this interface resembles the MS Office ribbon with the Start Page. The new Start Page is designed to give the user information about who the active interpreter is, which project was last active, what items were worked on last, as well as, functions to begin work right away.

The new ribbon interface is a graphical representation of your work items and selections rather than menus. Users will notice that each tab is a specific category that corresponds to the document types in NeuraSection. In NeuraSection, we have created what we call Smart Ribbon Technology. This means is that when a document is opened NeuraSection detects what type it is and will automatically open to the appropriate Tab for that doc type. This technology allows the user to continue working on their documents without the tediousness of switching back and forth.

What are your thoughts on these new changes to NeuraSection? If you have any questions or comments on NeuraSection’s new enhancements, feel free to contact us at

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