Discover what's new! Software Release Features

In the dynamic world of oil and gas exploration and production (E&P), efficient data management is key to success. Neuralog, a leading provider of E&P software solutions, continues to elevate the game with its latest Neuralog Desktop and NeuraSection software releases. With a host of new features and enhancements, Neuralog empowers professionals in the oil and gas industry to streamline their operations and drive project results effectively.

Let’s dive into the exciting updates that continue to make Neuralog Desktop and NeuraSection valuable assets for the oil and gas industry.

Neuralog Desktop Release Features – Version 2023.11.23.1

International Well Location Data:

Improved Project Area Tab:

Streamlined Data Editing:

PDT Data Support:

Geographix Wellbase V4 Compatibility:

Interface Enhancements:

Well Information Grid Improvements:

Enhanced User Interface:

Revamped “Select Global Project” Panel:

Improved Data Safety:

NeuraSection Release Features – Version 2023.11.21.1

Well/Log Export – “Export Calibrated Logs”:

Well Data Support for Well Production Test (PDT) Data:

Well Properties Production Data Tab Enhancements:

Interface Improvements:

With these enhancements and new features, Neuralog Desktop and NeuraSection continues to evolve as a powerful tool for oil and gas professionals.

Neuralog Desktop enables users to efficiently manage their data, seamlessly integrate with industry-standard formats, and enhance their overall workflow. NeuraSection continues to provide industry-leading solutions that streamline geological interpretation and cross-section analysis. By offering advanced features and a more user-friendly interface, NeuraSection empowers professionals in the oil and gas sector to make informed decisions with confidence.

As the industry advances, Neuralog remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower oil and gas companies to achieve their goals effectively. For more information and to explore the full potential of Neuralog’s Software Suite, visit Contact Us for a demonstration!