Well Log Printers & Scanners

Neuralog Z3
High Speed Color Well Log Printer

Neuralog Z3 is our newest NeuraLaserColor well log printer. High quality color and b&w log prints are produced at 7 inches per second in the staight through printer path.  Smaller than its predecessor, the Z3 is the ideal desktop solution for laser crisp well log prints.



Neuralog 300x
Personal Desktop Well Log Printer

Neuralog 300x is a high-speed, inkjet based well log printing solution designed to deliver logs to your desktop quickly and efficiently.


Quality Log Prints up to 17" Wide

This high quality inkjet printer is designed to print well logs up to 17 inches wide. With the combination of speed, quality and ease of use, the NeuraJet17 offers the best wide format log printing solution available for your organization.

High Speed, 12" Width Well Log Scanner

NeuraScanner is a small, fast, light, worry free log scanner. Weighing under 10 pounds, the NeuraScanner can be carried anywhere - office, customer site, rig, home.


Wide Format Scanner
Ideal for Scanning Maps and Large Documents

These scanners will work with multiple computer platforms, including your PC or UNIX workstation. All provide selectable resolution, and allow a variety of document widths. The Contex scanner line provides cost-effective solutions for fast, high volume scanning.