Well, Log, Document and Project Management Solutions


Neuralog Desktop

Neuralog Desktop can be used to organize your wells, logs, related documents and geological projects, as well as evaluate and analyze your geological data. Through a powerful GIS-based interface, users quickly access, visualize, evaluate and manage their projects.

Neuralog Desktop integrates with the Neuralog Product Suite. Not only does Neuralog Desktop store raw data files, it also stores working files produced by other Neuralog products.

Integration with NeuraLog: Whether you need to digitize your logs or QC your log data, both raw and edited files can be store in the database.

Integration with NeuraMap: Store original and edited map related documents. Digitize and capture your map related information for quick future access.

Integration with NeuraSection: Starting from the GIS based interface, select your logs and quickly correlate, create contour maps or build a cross section. Neuralog Desktop holds all the data that is critical to your evaluation.


Neuralog Pro - All Software Modules Part of Complete Offering

The Well, Log, Document and Project Management available in Desktop are now offered as part of Neuralog Pro, a complete package that offers our software for one low monthly price.  Neuralog Pro is available via a low-cost monthly subscription and includes access to the entire suite of Neuralog software solutions including: NeuraLog, NeuraSection, NeuraMap, Desktop, and NeuraView