Wide Format Scanner

Wide Format Scanners

Capture maps quickly and affordably

Neuralog provides a variety of scanning solutions, from the light weight, portable NeuraScanner to high speed, wide format scanners. The best choice of scanner will depend on your particular needs.

For high speed, wide format scanning, Neuralog recommends and sells Contex scanners. These scanners will work with multiple computer platforms, including your PC or UNIX workstation. All provide selectable resolution, and allow a variety of document widths. The Contex scanner line provides cost-effective solutions for fast, high volume scanning. 

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Imaging Software Nextimage and NeuraView

Scanning is controlled by Nextimage software, accessible through your Workstation. Results are easily previewed on screen. The built-in dedicated high-speed Digital Signal Processor (DSP) does image processing and enhancement in real-time.

  • Movable and sizable "scan window" to scan part of a drawing
  • Selectable raster and gray-tone scanning
  • Reverse and Mirror image scanning
  • Graytone pixel average to improve image sampling
  • Automatic pixel-to-pixel equalization of light and amplification performed prior to scan to provide stable, uniform, high quality images
Wide Format Scanner Comparison Chart
Scanner Width Optical Resolution Max Speed Description - Available in North America Only
24" 1200 10 IPS Contex Scanner - 24" XD
44" 1200 10 IPS Contex Scanner - 44" SD
36" 600 12 IPS Contex Scanner - 36" HD
42" 600 12 IPS Contex Scanner - 42" HD
54" 508 12 IPS Contex Scanner - 54" HD
Scanner Support Stands
Contex STAND Support Stand for Large Format Scanner available in 24, 36, 42, 44 and 54 inch
Well Log Scanner
12.1" 600 10IPS Portable Scanner - 12.1 Inch 600 max dpi B&W or Color