Well Log Paper Stack

Large Image Scans need Best TIFF Cleanup Tool

NeuraView is the ideal TIFF Cleanup tool for cleaning up large image scans such as well logs and other types of TIFF images! If your organization has scanned well logs, there’s a good chance they were scanned as grayscale or color images. They were also likely scanned so that every square inch of paper was captured, which only added to the size of the large image scans. While these settings do a great job of capturing the minute details found on well logs, they always result in extremely large images. Loading these large images is time-consuming, and in fact, in some applications, the images may not load at all. NeuraView is the tool you need to convert your color and grayscale scanned well log images into manageable black-and-white documents, ready for your analysis software.

NeuraView is the E&P Industry’s best TIFF cleanup tool for huge scans such as those that result from scanning long well logs and map.

Neuralog 2023 Trade Shows

Date Event Location Booth Today Neuralog Virtual Walk-Through and Demo ONLINE NA Feb 1-3, 2023 NAPE Summit 2023 George R Brown Convention Center, Houston NA

BirdsEye Thumbnail of Entire log for faster log digitizing

NeuraLog – #1 Log Digitizing Now Faster

Load a raster well log for digitizing.  The birdseye view presents the entire log with sections automatically identified.   Multiple runs and tracks are now instantly visible and automatically found, eliminating the chance for costly mistakes like digitizing across multiple runs or missing entire tracks.