With digital technology, companies are now digitizing well logs, making them more efficient and easier to manage. Traditionally, well logs are recorded on paper or film, which made them difficult to store, access, and analyze. Well logs are a crucial component of the oil and gas industry. They provide valuable data about subsurface formations, such as the rock type, porosity, and permeability, which are essential for exploration, drilling, and production.

From Paper to Digital Assets

The NeuraScanner is a cutting-edge, high-speed color continuous well log scanner, purpose-built to transform paper logs into valuable digital assets seamlessly. Capable of scanning logs at speeds of up to 10 inches per second, the NeuraScanner ensures swift and efficient digitization of well logs. Offering three versatile color settings – color, black & white, and grayscale – it provides flexibility in capturing and preserving logs with utmost precision.

In addition to well logs, the NeuraScanner is also adept at digitizing various other critical data forms prevalent in the E&P industry, including maps, core photos, outcrop descriptions, reports, and more. With NeuraScanner, safeguarding your archive of paper-based logs and transforming them into accessible digital resources has never been easier or more efficient.

Well Log Digitizing

NeuraLog stands as the preeminent solution for transforming scanned paper images into actionable computer data within the oil and gas industry. NeuraLog revolutionizes workflow efficiency by seamlessly converting scanned images into reliable digital data. With a suite of advanced quality control tools, NeuraLog empowers log analysts to maintain superior data integrity and availability, crucial for time-sensitive projects.

Notably, its automated tracing capabilities streamline workflows, ensuring the creation of dependable data for mission-critical endeavors. Offering unique quality improvement, editing, and validation features, NeuraLog enables users to correct and verify digital log data, adhering to the highest industry standards.

Map Digitizing

NeuraMap stands as the ultimate solution for map digitization, tailored to meet the diverse needs of geoscientists. Originally conceived as an automated map digitizing tool, NeuraMap revolutionizes the process by seamlessly converting hand-drawn, scanned map images, and digital maps into actionable digital data. Recognizing the critical importance of map digitization in both data analysis and preservation, NeuraMap empowers users to capture all relevant map data with unparalleled ease and precision, including contours, faults, lines, points, and symbols.

Whether digitizing map data for in-depth analysis or preserving it for future projects, NeuraMap offers a seamless and intuitive solution for today’s geoscientists. Moreover, NeuraMap emerges as the preferred software for computing Reservoir Volumetrics and Reserves, facilitating effortless calculations based on hand-drawn maps or imported map vectors. With customizable formulas and parameter inputs, accessing critical reservoir information has never been more straightforward.

Digital vs. Paper

  1. Improved data quality and accuracy: Digitizing well logs eliminates errors that can occur during manual data entry, ensuring data accuracy and quality. Additionally, digital data can be easily validated and cross-checked, making it more reliable.

Digitizing well logs is essential for improving data quality and accuracy, increasing accessibility, reducing costs, enabling faster analysis, enhancing visualization, ensuring compliance, and future-proofing data. With digital technology, the oil and gas industry can unlock the full potential of well log data and continue to innovate and improve its operations.

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