Neuralog Desktop

Well, Log and Document Management

Neuralog Desktop is a well, log and document management solution. Through a powerful GIS-based interface, users quickly access, visualize, evaluate and manage their projects. Geoscientists can interactively create, edit, organize and present geological data within a single application. Whether digitizing a log or evaluating prospects, data can be quickly accessed, analyzed and then updated into the database for future analysis.


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Quick Access & Visualization

Desktop utilizes both an Esri-based map interface and area tree navigation to enable users to quickly navigate and access critical documents.

  • GIS interface with immediate access to project well data
  • Area Tree display of wells, logs and documents
  • All project data available for quick analysis and evaluation
  • Unleash the full power of your ESRI ArcMap by adding the Neuralog Product Suite!


Desktop Interface

Complete Geological Evaluation

Take your data to the next level with our full Neuralog Product Suite integration. Scan, digitize, interpret and print through the project-based map interface.

  • Interactively create, evaluate and display geological data in a single application
  • Correlate logs and create cross sections and contour maps, directly from the GIS map
  • Capture, edit and save log and map data directly into the project database

Well, Log and Document Management

Simple to use batch and selection loaders make Desktop ideal for the end-user. Users are able to manage tops, well related data (logs, AFE's, reports, production data, etc.), as well as area related data (maps, seismic, field reports, etc.). With SQL Express, SQL Server and Access support, Desktop is a versatile solution which can be implemented and operational immediately.

  • Easily navigate the map interface for instant access to projects and documents 
  • Conveniently manage all logs, reports, maps and even living source files within SQL or Access
  • Use the global editor to manage well headers, file paths, surfaces and interpreter information
  • Ideal GIS-based solution when a full-fledge data management system is not needed

ArcMap Add-In

Create a Geological Toolbox full of interpretation, editing and data capture capabilities directly within your ArcMap install. The ArcMap Add-In is an integrated toolbar within your existing ArcMap implementation. This Add-In is ideal for visualizing and organizing your data. ArcMap license required.

  • Seamlessly connect Desktop and ArcMap via toolbars
  • Increase the power of your existing ArcMap infrastructure
  • Create a complete Geological Toolbox with Interpretation, editing and data capture modules