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The industry leader in well log data capture and conversion

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Introducing the NT1000

Neuralog's Thermal Truck Printer

Designed to accompany you wherever your printing needs take you.


Data Capture

Automated Log Digitizing and
Preparation of Log Data

Accurately convert scanned logs into
workstation-ready digital data

Volumetrics, Reserves, and
Map Digitizing

Automatically recognize and capture contour, symbol, and graphic data directly into your workflow


Data Interpretation

Geology Correlation and Cross Sections

Evaluate and display all geological data from multiple sources

Mapping, Montages, Volumetrics, and Reserves

Calculate reserves and annotate AOI to visualize and present the total play


Project and Data Management

Well Log and Document Management

Organize, access, and visualize your E&P and project data


Data Access

Well Log and Document Scanners

Easily scan well logs, maps, and reports for digitizing or archiving

Well Log Printers

Reproduce critical details in well logs with full color high-speed printers

Multi-Format Image Editing Software for Logs and Maps

Open, view, edit, and combine multiple raster and vector file formats for presentation

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Neuralog’s Oil and Gas Industry Solutions

Callisto by Neuralog

Neuralog Callisto

The world's fastest well log printer. Print all size well logs up to 12 inches wide faster than ever before.

NT1000 White Logo

Neuralog NT1000

Introducing Neuralog's mobile truck printer. Experience the power of mobility with this reliable, rack-ready thermal printer.


Neuralog Z4

The latest version of industry-leading NeuraLaserColor printers, the Z4 laser well log printer is also eco-friendly.


NeuraLog, the most widely-used well log digitizing solution, transforms scanned paper images into usable computer data.​


The leading application for calculating volumetrics and reserves; captures map data directly into your workflow.


Geological interpretation solution to evaluate leases, generate prospects and answer all E&P questions in one application.

Neuralog Desktop

GIS-based application for managing projects, E&P documents, and database information across the organization.


The industry solution to display, edit, process, annotate, convert, and print large document files.​


The global standard for well log scanning, NeuraScanner is durable, fast, and portable for digitizing or archiving paper well logs.

Callisto Well Log Printer with Log Stacker

Neuralog Is Here For You

For nearly 30 years, Neuralog has provided practical, intuitive solutions to work with legacy and modern geologic data. Our low-cost solutions capture, organize, and analyze Oil & Gas industry data.


We offer best-in-class well log printers, the world’s only purpose-built well log scanner, automated well log and map digitizing software, the most efficient geology analysis package, and a GIS-based data access and visualization package that pulls it all together.


See why independent geologists and major corporations have been relying on Neuralog’s products and services to get the job done.

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The global standard for well log scanning, digitizing, and archiving the NeuraScanner is durable, fast, and portable. 

Discover Neuralog Desktop

Neuralog Desktop is an excellent tool for checking and correcting well location and other geological data. 

See NeuraLog in Action

NeuraLog transforms scanned paper images into usable digital data for geologists and geoprofessionals.