Neuralog is recognized as the leader in digitizing and exploration reconnaissance tools and is known for its exceptional software maintenance. Our products are used worldwide for data capture, access, interpretation, and project data management. The truth is that we have developed incredibly stable software. However, as with any software development life cycle, this process is never complete. Our products continuously undergo maintenance releases that include performance improvement and workflow optimizations based on recommendations from our software community.

What does Neuralog’s Maintenance include?

NeuraView Help Menu provides Software Maintenance
NeuraView Help Menu accesses Online Help and Access to Software Maintenance

1. Free Updates

Neuralog’s Software Maintenance includes free upgrades and all the latest releases!

Our software is constantly evolving to meet industry requirements. Beyond traditional bug fixes, our development team strives to incorporate user feedback. For instance, to help increase work efficiency, we enhanced the hotkeys in a NeuraSection Update. We included a list of the keys and details on accessing and incorporating this feature in your workflow.

Beyond these more traditional enhancements, we take user feedback to develop brand-new tools like NeuraView’s addition of a Batch File Converter. Before this release, NeuraView contained a built-in file converter that required importing a file, waiting for it to open, and exporting it in the format desired. This hands-on process would take an average of three minutes per file. So, to increase your data prep speed and productivity, Neuralog introduced the Batch File Conversion Tool. This tool allows the user to spend about five minutes setting up a batch of thousands of files, start the converter, and walk away for coffee or address other projects – while the converter works for you in the background.

Enhancements like these occur regularly to ensure users continue experiencing the seamless and optimized environment that our Neuralog products are known for.

2. Access to our World-Class Support Team

At Neuralog, we have an incredible Support Team ready to help set up your software and assist with any hurdles your projects might encounter. Included in our maintenance package, our in-house Support Team is just a call or email away for installation and usage questions.

When you receive Neuralog’s software, it includes instructions on how to get started. During any stage of installation, we are available to make sure your setup runs smoothly, and that you are successfully benefiting from the product as quickly as possible.

When using the products, we recognize that a hiccup or confusion on the best practices for a specific feature might tie you up. To maximize your productivity, our experienced Support Team is available to walk you through the issue and keep the ball rolling. For instance, in NeuraLog, if you need help depth registering your raster file, a ten-minute call with Neuralog Support will set you up with an effective Depth Registration Workflow that will work in most standard instances.

To contact support, email or call 281.240.2525.

Want more in-depth training on your software? We offer in-house or virtual training courses specifically designed for your requirements. Contact your Account Manager or click here to request more information.

3. Free License Transfer

One free license transfer (PC to PC or Server to Server) is included with your maintenance package. We recognize that some changes and movements will be outside your control with any business or project. That trusty old computer finally gives up, or your server upgrade needs to migrate some programs. A free software license transfer is included with your annual maintenance program (transfers are unavailable for customers not under maintenance).

Already covered in maintenance and require a license transfer? Click here to submit your request!

Have a new user?

Combining your free license transfer, Neuralog’s Support Team’s usage help, and available training options means new users will be up and running with minimal downtime and headache!

For more information on how Neuralog’s Software Maintenance will optimize your productivity for the long haul, contact us about your specific usage. Call at 281-240-2525 or email

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